Norwich based indie folk band 'The Rabbitts’ are acoustic at heart but experimental in nature; they set out to avoid the well trodden path and instead define their own unique sound with creative harmonies, fingerstyle guitar arrangements, dreamy mandolin lines, and an intricate yet impactful rhythm section.

In 2016 they wrote the song ’Avocado Ginger Tree’ and realised they had something special and unique to share. They moved to Canada later on that year and recorded ‘Avocado Ginger Tree’ before moving into a rusty old van to save up for their debut album ‘Tall Pines & Tangled Vines’, which was released in 2018. Following the release of the album they embarked on a leisurely coast to coast tour of Canada before returning to the UK and re-establishing their roots in the live music scene 2 years after they first left. 

In 2020 The Rabbitts followed up with their EP ‘Seeking Shade’ which was recorded entirely in a van whilst the couple were travelling around the UK and Ireland early that year. The songs delved deeper into previously explored themes of love and the natural world, but with a psychedelic twist. 

On the 5th of May 2023 they released their 2nd full length album, ‘Love’. The primary inspiration is given away in the album title, however they also sought inspiration from their relationships with the natural world and society, whilst simultaneously embracing the sometimes abstract nature of their creativity. 

Their music has been featured on BBC Radio 6 Music, and was also included on the best of 2021, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Folk Show. To date their Spotify catalogue has received over 300,000 streams. 

"Ethereal and understated" - Tom Robinson BBC Radio 6 Music 

“10/10, Put this album on and unwind, it’ll truly make your day or night.”- Outline Magazine

“Intricate, lush and completely captivating.” - Podcart 

“Hypnotic acoustics craft a meditative spell alongside calming vocals” – Obscure Sound 

“The Rabbitts approach folk and indie from an almost experimental perspective, drawing from other genres with ease” - Analogue Trash 

“full of different textures and character, ideal for a summer listen” – Spiral Earth 

“Love is one of those albums that you can just disappear into, re-emerging at the end feeling refreshed and happy. It's the musical equivalent of a long hug on a warm day.” - FATEA